Innovation! Brand new painting line

In the second half of this year we will start the production on the brand new painting line. It will enable us to expand our activities to automotive, chemical, food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries in a professional way. The Innovative painting line will enable us to achieve continuity of production for the vacuum, and will also increase the ability of processing cycles of details by 300% in the painting department. Instead of basking in the oven for 90 minutes, the details covered with paint will be exposed to UV rays. Technologists from France and Italy have collectively worked on the correctness of the painting line.

The production line for metallizing plastic and glass
max Ø600, H-250, efficiency 2 000 000 pieces/month (UV-painted details).

Please forward inquiries to the following address:

Tel + 48 56 687-59-00
Fax + 48 56 687-59-01 w. 24