We offer you a comprehensive range of high quality services in processing of plastic materials.

Basing upon our considerable potential and rich experience, we produce by use of the injection moulding technology elements of plastic materials with a weight of up to 1,90 kg. The state-of-the-art machinery, featuring among others injection moulding units of such global brands like ARBURG, ENGEL, DR BOY, enable us to deliver moulded pieces with various sizes, and we are in a position to carry out orders in fulfillment of high demands of our Customers. The machinery park of our Division of Plastic Materials Processing, consisting of 30 injection moulding machines with a mould closing power ranging from 50 to 500 tons, computer-controlled injection moulding machines connected to a central cooling chamber and to a central mould charge, produced by the firm PIOVAN, enable us to streamline and speed up production process.      

The plastic materials processing is realized in our plant by means of injection moulds either entrusted to us by the Customer or obtained for special requirements by our staff from all kinds of plastics in any given color. Our technical facilities and activity of the Maintenance Department garantee a high efficiency of the applied machines and injection moulds.          


  • modern machinery park,
  • innovative technologies,
  • constant developing, improvement and upgrading of the applied
  • individual approach to the needs and demands of the Client,
  • ongoing supervision of process and product,
  • short completion dates,
  • flexibility in action.

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Hala wtryskarek

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