We offer services in the following areas and on the following devices:

Lathe services

Numerical lathe HAAS TL-25

  • flight spindle ø70mm,
  • Maximum diameter over bed ø762mm,
  • Maximum diameter over support ø368mm,
  • Maximum cutting diameter ø406mm,
  • Cutting the maximum length L-800mm, ,
  • scoring threading by spindle and reverse-spindle,
  • flipper receipt details,

Copy lathers

  • Maximum average rolling ø120mm,
  • Cutting the maximum length L-450mm,

The company has more machinery in the field of cutting machining.


Pipe polishing machine

  • Minimum diameter ø25mm tube,
  • The maximum pipe diameter ø70mm,
  • maximum length of tube L-2000mm,

 Surface polishing machine

  • Maximum workpiece width 200mm,
  • a minimum thickness of 1mm detail,
  • the maximum amount of detail H-200mm,
  • Maximum workpiece length L-3000mm,

We also have polishing devices for manual processing of details.

Cold forming

Hydraulic Press

  • Working area 580mm x 650mm x 800mm (width x length x height)
  • contact force of 1000 kN,
  • diameter of the hole in the table ø120mm,,

Eccentric Press

  • Working area 560mm x 800mm (width x length)
  • H-280mm overhang,
  • 0-110mm stroke
  • contact force 630 KN

Eccentric Press

  • workspace 300mmx520mm,
  • H-400mm overhang,
  • 0-160mm stroke,
  • contact force 150 KN,


  • cutting width 2040mm,
  • maximum thickness of 6mm,
  • 600mm cut length,

Automatic band saw

  • Maximum cutting width 360mm,
  • Maximum cutting height 260mm,
  • Maximum length of 6000mm,

Manual band saw

  • Maximum cutting width 250mm,
  • Maximum cutting height 150mm,
  • Cutting the maximum angle of 60 degrees,
  • Maximum workpiece length 6000mm,

We also have hydraulic and eccentric presses of different strength of punching.


  1.     The MIG-MAG method:
    • the thickness of the workpiece from 0.8mm to 15mm,
    • for Co2 gas shielded,
    • with argon,
    • a mixture of shielding gas
    • the welding of aluminum,
    • for welding steel and stainless
  2.     Coated electrode welding
  3.     the TIG method
  4.     Gas Welding:
  5.     Soldering flux method volatile

There is a possibillity to adapt the machines in the case of orders for custom parameters.

Please send your requests for quotation to the following email address or using the phone number:

+48 660 751 648