Robotic Welding

We have in our Company two robotic stations with Yaskawa devices.Our company has advanced technologies that allow us to achieve excellent results also in the welding process. We use innovative welding robots that guarantee repeatability, high quality and significant time and cost savings, thanks to which we can meet even the most demanding projects. Our qualified specialists have not only extensive theoretical knowledge, but also extensive practical experience in the field of robotic welding. By cooperating with us, you can be sure that the order will be carried out professionally and with the utmost care. Our offer includes welding with MIG/MAG, regardless of the type and thickness of the material, ensuring precise and effective joining of materials.



Benefits of welding on a robotic station:


1. High precision: Welding robots ensure repeatability and accuracy of welds, which minimizes human error.
2. Speed: The automatic process is much faster than manual welding, what increases the production efficiency.
3. Costs: With automation, manual welding costs such as personnel costs and quality defects can be reduced.
4. Safety: Eliminating the need to manually handle of hot material reduces the risk of accidents related to burns or injuries.
5. Complex shapes: Robots can weld in hard-to-reach places and on complex shapes, which could be difficult or impossible for a worker welding with a traditional methods

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