3D prototypes prints

The prints technology helps to reduce the time needed for designing new products and as a consequence also to lower the costs of starting production of new elements.

FDM-technology makes possible the manufacture of functional prototypes. The models are made of endurable ABS and can be used as functional parts or serve for the purpose of durability tests or be subjected to additional mechanical processing. Having at our disposal the in-house tool shop, we can varnish the model pieces after processing them by means of vacuum metallization.


About the printed output:

  • technology of fused depostion modelling with thermoplastic plastic material − FDM
  • input material: ABS plus
  • dimensions of working chamber: 203x203x152 mm
  • thickness of the coating layer: 0,245 or 0,330 mm
  • minimum wall thickness − 0,9 mm
  • 9 optional colourings: ivory, white, blue, black, red, grey, tangerine,
       yellow fluorescent, olive green
  • bigger models can be produced by means of gluing pieces together
3D printer uPrint Plus
3D printer uPrint Plus

Dlaczego FDM:

  • Modele z ABS-u o właściwościach bardzo zbliżonych do finalnych produktów wykonywanych w technologii tworzyw sztucznych
  • Możliwość użycia modeli do testów wytrzymałościowych
  • Obróbka mechaniczna modeli
  • Lakierowanie/metalizowanie modeli
  • Drukowanie ruchomych mechanizmów

Please send your requests for quotation to the following email address or using the phone number:

+48 660 751 648