Title of honour: Female Entrepreneurship Ambassador

Female Entrepreneurship Ambassador: Mrs. Halina Błażejewicz has been distinguished and awarded with a new title again. This time, she is becoming a member of the honourable group of women – Female Entrepreneurship Ambassadors – with the noble purpose of spreading the ideas of entrepreneurship as a new life style among women and to support development of the companies run by female leaders.    

   By force of her own personal example, she encourages and supports women in pursuing their goals by making use of their skills and passions. Female leaders at the head of their own companies are invited to contribute to the economic growth in our country as well as to stimulate development of the service sector aimed at helping business women in their activities and in maintaining the balance between work and family life. This title award is an acknowledgment of the important role played by Mrs. Halina Błażejewicz upon the regional market. It is also showing how much more she can achieve for other women by force of her own personal example, motivating them to set up their own companies and to contribute in this way to the development of a society based on equal chances and opportunities for everyone in all aspects of life.